Facts on Education

Head office: Oslo
Managing Director: Anders Hvarfner
Number of employees: 1000
Number of students: more than 40 000 whole-time og part-time students

Schools of Intendia Group:
Berghs School of Communication
Bilder Nordic School of Photography
Bjørknes Høyskole
Bjørknes Privatskole
NKI Nettstudier 
School of Fashion Industry

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Intendia Group Norge AS


Phone: (+47) 915 13 185
E-mail: info@intendiagroup.com

Visiting address:
Rådhusgaten 27
0106 OSLO

Mail address: 
P.O. box 6663 St. Olavs Plass
NO-0129 OSLO

NO 990 231 621 MVA



The businesses of Anthon B Nilsen within private education is run by the Intendia Group - previously Anthon B Nilsen Education.
Intendia Group is a leading Adult Education & Skills provider with educational establishments in Sweden and Norway and a growing international presence with partnering schools in other European countries, North America, Australia and Africa. Every year, close to 40,000 students and participants train and develop with us.  

Our focus always lies in equipping individuals for the job market of today and tomorrow for the benefit of society, the employers and the individuals. We give our students and participants a platform to further develop existing experiences and improve their skills sets and explore new opportunities for them – whether this be a new job, a career change or a first step into the job market.