Facts on Education

Head office: Oslo
Managing Director: Anders Hvarfner
Number of employees: 1000
Number of students: more than 40 000 whole-time og part-time students

Schools of ABN Education:
Berghs School of Communication
Bilder Nordic School of Photography
Bjørknes Høyskole
Bjørknes Privatskole
NKI Nettstudier 
School of Fashion Industry

Treider Fagskoler


Anthon B Nilsen Utdanning AS

Phone: (+47) 915 13 185
E-mail: info@abnu.no

Visiting address:
Universitetsgata 10
0164 OSLO

Mail address: 
P.O. box 6663 St. Olavs Plass
NO-0129 OSLO

NO 990 231 621 MVA


Anthon B Nilsen Education operates 12 schools and operations in Norway and Sweden offering master and bachelor degree programs as well as post-secondary vocational programs in areas like communications and other creative disciplines, business administration, IT, travel and tourism and life sciences. In addition, some of the institutions run by the company offer high school programs, labor market introduction programs and education programs for the disabled.

The core strategy of the company is to acquire strong brands and use group resources to foster their development both professionally and commercially. In total, more than 35 000 students participate in full time or part time programs delivered by ABN on an annual basis. This makes ABN the second largest private provider of education in Norway and puts it in place for a top position in a Scandinavian perspective.