Anthon B Nilsen AS

Anthon B Nilsen AS was established in 1879 and is developing its activities based on a number of well defined core values rooted in the company’s history.

After a history of close to 140 years, the company today is an investment company involved in two main industries: Private education in Norway and Sweden and property development and management in Norway. Additionally, the company is involved in international trading of building materials.

50 per cent of Anthon B Nilsen AS is controlled by private, individual shareholders while the other 50 per cent is held by the Gunnar and Reidar Holsts Trust, a charitable trust established by the heirs of the founding father, Mr. Anthon B Nilsen.

pentagon symbol


Peder Chr. Løvenskiold
Peder Chr. LøvenskioldChief Executive Officer

Graduated with a BSc from the US. Management experience from positions with Kreditkassen, Morgan Stanley and as CFO of Norske Skog ASA before he was appointed Chief Executive of Anthon B Nilsen AS in 2000 after a merger with his family business ILAS AS.

Phone: +47 908 60 783

Nicolai H. Løvenskiold
Nicolai H. LøvenskioldExecutive Vice President

Graduated with a BSc fra the US. Management experience from shipping and sea farm operations in the USA and Germany before he was appointed Managing Director of Anthon B Nilsen Trading AS.  Head of Anthon B Nilsen Education following a merger with his company B+W Learning Systems AS.

Phone: +47 905 28 245

Øivind Brath Ingerø
Øivind Brath IngerøFinansdirektør

Graduated with a MBA, from the US. Extensive experience as a financial analyst and fund manager. Previously partner with Reiten & Co and Chief Executive with Fokus Forvaltning AS and Delphi Aktiv Forvaltning AS. CFO in Anthon B Nilsen AS since 2002.

Phone: +47 928 03 546

Marianne Kvello
Marianne KvelloGroup Controller

Educated and qualified as a certified auditor with more than ten years experience with KPMG before she was appointed group controller with Anthon B Nilsen in 2005.

Phone: +47 906 25 353

Trond Andresen
Trond AndresenChief Communication Officer

Graduated with a MBA. Extensive experience as a communications advisor and manager, among others as Regional Manager for the Nordic and German businesses of the international communications firm Burson-Marsteller and head of communications with the international Kvaerner Group.

Phone: +47 911 90 519


Torstein Hokholt
Torstein HokholtChairman

Member of the Board since 2013. Elected Chairman in 2014. Chartered auditor with a wide range of assignments with Ernst & Young in Norway and abroad. Comprehensive management experience from 20 years service as CEO of the Norwegian practice and seven years as Head of the Nordic region. Is currently involved in private investments within property and finance.

Arne Baumann
Arne BaumannBoard Member

Member of the Board since 2014. Graduated with a MBA.  Extensive management experience from positions within property, fabrication and finance.  Is currently CEO of OBOS Residential.

Gunnar Grette
Gunnar GretteBoard Member

Member of the Board since 2000. Lawyer and previously partner with Grette DA. Has a comprehensive background from board positions within industry, trade and services, including positions as Chairman of Frank Mohn AS, Chairman of the corporate assembly of ABB Norge AS, currently member of the Board of the Reidar and Gunnar Holsts Trust.

Stein Jacob Frisch
Stein Jacob FrischBoard Member

Member of the Board since 2016. Graduated with a MBA. Authorized Financial Analyst (AFA) and currently partner and general manager of Frisch AS and Chairman of the board of the Reidar and Gunnar Holsts Trust.


Reidar and Gunnar Holsts Trust

Peder Chr. Løvenskiold

Nicolai H. Løvenskiold



The company was established by the founding father, Mr. Anthon Bernhard Nilsen, in 1879. He was a true entrepreneur who initially developed activities in forestry, lumber dealing and saw mill operations. In 1884 he had his own unique brand registered for the branding of trees and timber. This brand is identical with the pentagon symbol of the current company logo.

As a businessman, Mr. Nilsen displayed a formidable creativity. Based on his initial activities within forestry and saw mills, he built a comprehensive global trading business for export and import of a large variety of goods and raw material.

In 1976, the heirs of Mr. Anthon B Nilsen’s sons, Mr. Reidar and Gunnar Holst, put all the shares of the company into a charitable trust.

In 2000, the company Anthon B Nilsen AS merged with ILAS AS, a company with interests in property, industry and education controlled by Peder Chr. Løvenskiold and Nicolai H. Løvenskiold.




Anthon Bernhard Nilsen etablerer virksomhet som trelastgrosserer i Fredrikstad


Etablerer Anth. B Nilsen & Co og erverver Moum Brug


Kjøper familiegården Tofte med skog på Hurum. På gården oppstod senere Tofte Cellulose og Hurum Fabrikker


Etablerer Anth. B. Nilsen & Co Ltd. AS, med sønnene som medeiere, og utvider handelsvirksomheten


Kjøper eiendommene Rådhusgaten 27, dagens hovedkontor


Etablerer seg i forsikringsvirksomhet gjennom Anth. B. Nilsen & Co’s Assurancebureau AS


Erverver AS Papirfabrikken Brager, Drammen, samt Albion Papirfabrikk AS


Teknisk Avdeling for utvikling og salg av maskiner til treforedlingsindustrien


River og bygger nytt i Rådhusgaten 27


Eierne, som er etterkommere av Anthon B Nilsen, overfører eierskapet til Reidar og Gunnar Holsts Legat


«Handelshuset» Anthon B Nilsen Ltd. AS fortsetter frem mot 2000


Fusjon med ILAS AS, et selskap eid av brødrene Peder Chr. og Nicolai H. Løvenskiold, med investeringer i eiendom, industri og utdanning. Peder Chr. Løvenskiold blir adm. direktør i det fusjonerte selskapet.


Konsentrasjon om færre forretningsområder – eiendom og utdanning som hovedområder


Anthon B Nilsen selger seg ut av handelsvirksomheten for returpapir. Satser kraftig på utdanningsvirksomhet i Sverige gjennom kjøpet av IRIS Sverige AB, en ledende aktør innenfor voksenopplæring