Anthon B Nilsen AS

Anthon B Nilsen is a family-owned investment company driven by a zest to create – a zest to grow companies offering solutions to needs of importance to society.

The management of the company is guided by a set of core values deep-rooted in the company’s long history: Long-term perspective, integrity and thoroughness. The fundamental approach is to employ the capital of the company according to well-defined criteria for risk and reward and to be an involved and committed owner.

The capital of the investment company is allocated between key holdings and portfolio investments. For the key holdings, eg. companies in which Anthon B Nilsen has decisive power, governance will be executed through active involvement in board considerations and decisions. Portfolio investments are investments in public companies, money market instruments, and funds where management is guided by clearly defined criteria for growth, return and risk.

pentagon symbol


The company was established by the founding father, Mr. Anthon Bernhard Nilsen, in 1879. He was a true entrepreneur who initially developed activities in forestry, lumber dealing, and sawmill operations. In 1884 he had his own unique brand registered for the branding of trees and timber. This brand is identical with the pentagon symbol of the current company logo.

As a businessman, Mr. Nilsen displayed a formidable creativity. Based on his initial activities within forestry and sawmills, he built a comprehensive global trading business for export and import of a large variety of goods and raw material.

In 1976, the heirs of Mr. Anthon B Nilsen’s sons, Mr. Reidar and Gunnar Holst, put all the shares of the company into a charitable trust.

In 2000, the company Anthon B Nilsen AS merged with ILAS AS, a company with interests in property, industry, and education controlled by Peder Chr. Løvenskiold and Nicolai H. Løvenskiold.

In 2020, the Trust released the value of its ownership in the Group’s property assets and exited its ownership in Anthon B Nilsen AS.  However, it remained a 38% direct ownership in the Intendia Group, the education arm of Anthon B Nilsen.

In a parallel transaction, 50% of the property assets of Anthon B Nilsen and its property arm Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS, was sold to the Swedish listed property company Fastighets AB Balder.